Volunteer Opportunities

GREETER — (Sit):

  • Greet client (you are the first contact the client will have)
  • Ask for picture I.D. (if none, they must show legal proof of address… LGE bill, etc.)
    Verify they live in our service area (as of May 1, 2014 area boundary on south is Market. North is River, East boundary is 15th St., and West is the River.)
  • Give them a picture card to fill out info

REGISTRATION — (Sit, Basic Computer Skills):

  • Take #card from client
  • Check picture ID
  • Verify they live in our service area
  • Verify last visit date (They may come only 1 time each month)
  • Verify all info… any changes… enter changes
  • If NEW client, enter all info into registration form

FOOD GREETER — (Sit, Stand) “The FACE of the food pantry.” Requirements: smile, friendly:

  • Greet people with friendly smile. Suggest they shop for clothes while waiting for food.
  • Take food cards to back for preparation
  • When client returns, retrieve basket (or ask someone for assistance)
  • At slow times, put together plastic bags
  • It is NOT your responsibility to prepare food bags/boxes.

FILLING FOOD REQUESTS — (Stand, Walk, Lift) requires 2 people:

  • Prepare check list of items “We DO NOT have” and take to registration person.
  • At slow times, pre-bag food items based on number in family…1/ 2/ 3+
  • Fill food and special requests and put into baskets ready for pick-up
  • When client returns to counter, retrieve food basket/box

CHECK-OUT — (Standing, Lifting, Basic Computer Skills) requires 1 or 2 people:

  • Ask client to sort clothes by child/adult
  • Monitor they take only 3 outfits per person living in that home (actually 6 items per person)
  • If no children in home, they cannot take children’s clothes or toys
  • Put clothes in bag
  • Enter info into computer program designed for CC/FP


  • Come early and help bag bread and sweets
  • Keep the cooler filled as needed
  • Put additional food in kitchen refrigerator and retrieve when needed
  • MONITOR quantity of sandwiches, salads, etc taken by individuals (one per person). Occasionally we will have more quantity and let them have 2 items.
  • Keep enough bread on table (may require bagging of bread & bagels)
  • MONITOR vegetable quantities
  • End of Day : clean inside of coolers, table tops, vacuum carpet

HANG CLOTHES — (Stand, Walk, Lift):

  • Clothing needs to be put on hangers and sorted by size
  • Take to appropriate area on display floor. Determine if it is an adult piece of clothing OR a child.
  • Put out-of-season clothes in tubs/boxes and label ADULT M/F, CHILD, or INFANT
  • End of day – leave table and area free of clothes and debris

CLEAN-UP SPECIALIST — (Stand, Walk, Lift, Tug) The “grunt” work:

  • Assist merchandiser with moving of boxes
  • Cut-up cardboard for re-cycle
  • Keep floor clean of “dust bunnies”
  • Do not get client items. This is someone else’s responsibility. Occasionally your assistance may be needed by volunteer.
  • End of day – Gather all trash and take to dumpster, use vacuum on carpeted areas.

THINGS TO KNOW: OPEN each Monday 1 – 4 pm and Thursday 10 am – 1 pm


REMEMBER… we are the “hands and feet of Christ” and we want customers to know this is a Christian organization with Christian volunteers.  S.M.I.L.E.


If you can spare a few hours each week, every other week, one time a month, etc…


Whatever you can do, is great. We especially need volunteers each THURSDAY. Call Grace Jenks 425-0566 or email at resourcesfbl@earthlink.net